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CHENG Shuk Yee Rachel CHENG Shuk Yee Rachel

Date added: 02/01/2013
Date modified: 02/01/2013
Filesize: 32.2 kB
Downloads: 3743

Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Date added: 09/23/2015
Date modified: 05/22/2017
Filesize: 224.08 kB
Downloads: 2536

Mortality in Patients With Schizophrenia in a Local Hospital in Hong Kong


Date added: 08/09/2016
Date modified: 05/22/2017
Filesize: 1.96 MB
Downloads: 1718

Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Patients with Newly Diagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea

CHEUNG Ching Ping CHEUNG Ching Ping

Date added: 02/29/2016
Date modified: 02/29/2016
Filesize: 2.45 MB
Downloads: 2874

An instrument serving from the user’s perspective to enhance service delivery

CHEUNG Fuk Chi Eric CHEUNG Fuk Chi Eric

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 15.23 kB
Downloads: 3979
Borna Isease Virus and Schizophrenia - A Study of Seroprevalence and Clinical Variables (2001)


Date added: 08/25/2015
Date modified: 02/29/2016
Filesize: 87.76 kB
Downloads: 2117

A controlled study of the benefits of an aerobic exercise programme in psychiatric outpatients on treatment for depression in Hong Kong


Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 9.86 kB
Downloads: 4071
Validation of the Cantonese Version of Psychiatric Assessment Schedules for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Checklist in People with Learning Disabilities in Hong Kong (2004)

CHEUNG Yat Wo Eric CHEUNG Yat Wo Eric

Date added: 06/05/2012
Date modified: 06/05/2012
Filesize: 233.5 kB
Downloads: 3756
Cognitive Performance in Chinese Euthymic patients with Bipolar I Disorder

CHIK Dan Wai Janice CHIK Dan Wai Janice

Date added: 02/14/2017
Date modified: 02/14/2017
Filesize: 222.94 kB
Downloads: 1064

Personality Factors in Major Depression

CHIN Pui Man Queenie CHIN Pui Man Queenie

Date added: 08/29/2013
Date modified: 08/29/2013
Filesize: 25.14 kB
Downloads: 3152

Validation of Chinese Version of Self-Stigma of Depression Scale in Psychiatric Outpatients with Depression in Hong Kong

CHING Wai Kuen CHING Wai Kuen

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 45.69 kB
Downloads: 3395
Modeling the Cost-effectiveness of Pharmacological Treatment of Depression in Hong Kong (1998)

Ching Wing Ka Ching Wing Ka

Date added: 08/15/2018
Date modified: 08/15/2018
Filesize: 201.15 kB
Downloads: 372

Validation of the Chinese Dimensional Anhedonia Rating Scale (C-DARS) and study of clinical correlates of anhedonia in patients suffering from Depression

CHIU Hok Man CHIU Hok Man

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 93.2 kB
Downloads: 3286
Mental Health of Postnatal Women in North-West New Territories (2001)

CHIU Men Ming Bonnie CHIU Men Ming Bonnie

Date added: 08/16/2016
Date modified: 08/16/2016
Filesize: 17.99 kB
Downloads: 1149

Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Women Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in a Tertiary Gynaecology Clinic in Hong Kong

CHIU Pui Yu Cindy CHIU Pui Yu Cindy

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 76.68 kB
Downloads: 3195
Paternal Age Effect on the Early Outcome of First Episode Schizophrenia (2006)

CHOI Wing Kit CHOI Wing Kit

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 20.9 kB
Downloads: 3670
Pathological Gambling: A Literature Review of the Biomedical Models (2005)

CHOI Yan Yin CHOI Yan Yin

Date added: 08/24/2017
Date modified: 08/24/2017
Filesize: 87.14 kB
Downloads: 783

Metabolic Syndrome in Chinese Patients with Major Depressive Disorder: Prevalence and Clinical Correlations

CHONG King Yee CHONG King Yee

Date added: 06/16/2014
Date modified: 06/16/2014
Filesize: 96.69 kB
Downloads: 2649

Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Male Patients with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

CHONG Shiu Yin Catherine CHONG Shiu Yin Catherine

Date added: 08/27/2013
Date modified: 08/27/2013
Filesize: 27.46 kB
Downloads: 2555

Treatment Adherence of Schizophrenic Patients in the Early Post-discharge Period

CHONG Wang Lam CHONG Wang Lam

Date added: 05/17/2017
Date modified: 05/17/2017
Filesize: 310.8 kB
Downloads: 897

Depression and Depressive symptoms in Hong Kong Chinese Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in a Specialist Clinic

CHOW Kit Wan Kavin CHOW Kit Wan Kavin

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 17.63 kB
Downloads: 3250
Violent Behaviour and its Predictors in Psychiatric Patients - A Study in Hong Kong (2005)

CHOW Lai Yin CHOW Lai Yin

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 22.55 kB
Downloads: 3125
Attitudes of Healthcare Professionals Towards Psychiatric Patients in a General Hospital in Hong Kong (2006)

CHOW Lok Yee CHOW Lok Yee

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 54.45 kB
Downloads: 3203
Schizophrenia, Deletion at Chromosome 22q 11 and Velocardiofacial Syndrome (1999)

CHOW Mun Yun Gloria CHOW Mun Yun Gloria

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 67.84 kB
Downloads: 3116
A Review of Glutamate Hypothesis of Schizophrenia (2004)

CHOW Po Ling Paulina CHOW Po Ling Paulina

Date added: 06/18/2010
Date modified: 06/18/2010
Filesize: 30.26 kB
Downloads: 3236
Pathways to Psychogeriatric Care in New Territories West Cluster

CHOW Shiu Cheung CHOW Shiu Cheung

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 126.15 kB
Downloads: 3379
Explorative Study: Attempted and Completed Suicide of General Ward Patient Population During Admission in Hospital (2004)

CHOW Suet Yan Joyce CHOW Suet Yan Joyce

Date added: 03/22/2013
Date modified: 03/22/2013
Filesize: 37.17 kB
Downloads: 2766

Determinants of Caregiving Experience among Caregivers in a Regional First Episode Psychosis Service for Young Chinese aged 15-25 years – Role of Caregivers’ NEO-FFI personality Profile


Date added: 07/21/2010
Date modified: 07/21/2010
Filesize: 25.33 kB
Downloads: 3250
Stigma towards Individuals with Mental Illness: A Comparison of Staff Members of Two Non-governmental Organizations and a Mental Hospital in Hong Kong

CHOY Lam Wai Karen CHOY Lam Wai Karen

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 24.87 kB
Downloads: 3211
Analysis of the Determinants of Patients' Length of Stay in Psychiatry (2005)

CHU Lap Sun Patrick CHU Lap Sun Patrick

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 76.82 kB
Downloads: 3187
A Study of New Long Stay Psychiatric Patients in Hong Kong (2003)

CHU Stephanie Shui Kwan CHU Stephanie Shui Kwan

Date added: 08/04/2016
Date modified: 08/04/2016
Filesize: 103.47 kB
Downloads: 1218

Psychiatric Morbidity in Hong Kong Chinese Women Urodynamic Stress  Incontinence attending an Urodynamic Study Clinic

CHUA Siew Eng CHUA Siew Eng

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 62.7 kB
Downloads: 3285
Volumetric Analysis of Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Psychosis (1998)

CHUI Mo Ching Eileena CHUI Mo Ching Eileena

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 64.29 kB
Downloads: 3341
Follow-up Study of Late-onset Functional Psychosis in Chinese in-Patients in Hong Kong (2003)

CHUI Wing Ho William CHUI Wing Ho William

Date added: 05/29/2009
Date modified: 07/10/2009
Filesize: 23.43 kB
Downloads: 3103
Neuropsychiatric Profiles and Short-term Outcome in Late-onset Depression

CHUN King Kong CHUN King Kong

Date added: 10/20/2015
Date modified: 10/20/2015
Filesize: 14.84 kB
Downloads: 1630

A Review on the Use of Clozapine and Its Augmentation in Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia

CHUNG Kar Kin Albert CHUNG Kar Kin Albert

Date added: 04/29/2010
Date modified: 04/29/2010
Filesize: 22.52 kB
Downloads: 3932
Effects on Prolongation of Bazett’s Corrected QT Interval of Seven Second-generation Antipsychotics in the Treatment of Schizophrenia: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis


Date added: 02/05/2009
Date modified: 02/05/2009
Filesize: 61.59 kB
Downloads: 3277
The Incidence and Characteristics of Clozapine-induced Fever in Chinese Patients in A Local Psychiatric Unit in Hong Kong

DONG Yuet Sun Jimmy DONG Yuet Sun Jimmy

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 52.37 kB
Downloads: 3124
In-patient Suicides in Psychiatric Hospital in Hong Kong (2003)

FONG Yat Yuk Samson FONG Yat Yuk Samson

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 68.97 kB
Downloads: 3139
Outcome of Primary Insomnia: A Psychiatric Outpatient Study (2002)

FONG Yuek Kwan FONG Yuek Kwan

Date added: 06/05/2012
Date modified: 06/05/2012
Filesize: 78.07 kB
Downloads: 2855
Patient and Staff Factors Associated with the Use of Physical Restraint in a Mental Hospital in Hong Kong

FU Chi Kin Jackie FU Chi Kin Jackie

Date added: 05/14/2009
Date modified: 05/14/2009
Filesize: 31.3 kB
Downloads: 3205
The Experience of Admission to Psychiatric Hospital among Chinese Adult Patients in Hong Kong

FUNG Wai Choy Richard FUNG Wai Choy Richard

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 75.25 kB
Downloads: 3231
Relationship Between Agitated Behaviour and Other Psychiatric Symptoms in Chinese with Probable Alzheimer's Disease in Hospital Psychiatric Services (2003)

HIU Kin Ming HIU Kin Ming

Date added: 02/26/2014
Date modified: 02/26/2014
Filesize: 91.15 kB
Downloads: 2624

Quality of Life in Alzheimer’s Dementia in Residential Homes -Perspective from Patients, Staffs and Relatives

HO Chung HO Chung

Date added: 12/02/2011
Date modified: 12/02/2011
Filesize: 24.66 kB
Downloads: 2885
Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and Hyponatraemia in Hospitalized Chinese Elderly Patients - in a Regional Hospital in Hong Kong

HO Ho Yin HO Ho Yin

Date added: 11/21/2012
Date modified: 11/21/2012
Filesize: 9.49 kB
Downloads: 2870

Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Renal Transplant Recipients

HO Karen Ka Yun HO Karen Ka Yun

Date added: 08/29/2014
Date modified: 08/29/2014
Filesize: 170.41 kB
Downloads: 2371

Theory of Mind Performance in Patients with First-episode Schizophrenia and First-degree Relatives: A cross-sectional case control study

HO Nga Lei HO Nga Lei

Date added: 09/01/2015
Date modified: 02/29/2016
Filesize: 9.03 kB
Downloads: 1773

Self-Stigma in Chinese Patients with Schizophrenia in a District-based Recovery Programme and its Associated Factors

HO Pui Tat HO Pui Tat

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 61.15 kB
Downloads: 3050
Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Patients Suffering from Chronic Pain (2004)

HON King Him Simon HON King Him Simon

Date added: 02/07/2017
Date modified: 02/07/2017
Filesize: 367.29 kB
Downloads: 1315

The Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory-Revised (OCI-R): Validation of the Chinese Version

HUI Hon Man HUI Hon Man

Date added: 05/13/2014
Date modified: 05/15/2014
Filesize: 20.15 kB
Downloads: 2470

Psychiatric morbidities in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivors

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