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HUI Lung Kit HUI Lung Kit

Date added: 07/30/2009
Date modified: 07/30/2009
Filesize: 10.08 kB
Downloads: 2919
Relationship of cognitions and symptoms of agoraphobia in Hong Kong Chinese: A qualitative and quantitative study

HUNG Bing Kei Gabriel HUNG Bing Kei Gabriel

Date added: 05/26/2010
Date modified: 05/26/2010
Filesize: 9.38 kB
Downloads: 3097
An Audit of Inpatient and Outpatient Antipsychotic Prescriptions in Castle Peak Hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital Psychiatric Unit and The Effects of Staff Education on High-Dose Antipsychotic Prescriptions

HUNG Karen Shee Yeung HUNG Karen Shee Yeung

Date added: 08/26/2014
Date modified: 08/26/2014
Filesize: 119.99 kB
Downloads: 2265

Schizotypy Traits or Features in Nonpsychotic First-degree Relatives of Patients with Schizophrenia: Cluster Analysis using the Chapman Psychosis Proneness Scales

IP Pak In Brian IP Pak In Brian

Date added: 05/22/2017
Date modified: 05/22/2017
Filesize: 181.94 kB
Downloads: 839

Characteristics associated with Repeated Self-harm in the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatric Setting at a Regional Public Hospital in Hong Kong

KAM Wai Kwok Irene KAM Wai Kwok Irene

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 12.92 kB
Downloads: 3011
Development of the Bilingual (Chinese/English) SCID-I (Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis-I Disorders): A Study of its Reliability and Validity in an In-patient Population (2000)

KAN Chui Kwan KAN Chui Kwan

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 35.72 kB
Downloads: 3055
Risk Factors of Suicide in Discharged Psychiatric Patients in Hong Kong - A Case-Control Study on Early and Late Suicides (2005)

KO Sik Nin John KO Sik Nin John

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 62.02 kB
Downloads: 3358
A Descriptive Study of Sexual Dysfunction and Gender Identity Clinic in the University of Hong Kong Psychiatric Unit 1991-2001 (2003)

KWAN Hoi Shuen KWAN Hoi Shuen

Date added: 04/29/2010
Date modified: 04/29/2010
Filesize: 20.87 kB
Downloads: 3020
Predictors of patient default at the first outpatient clinic appointment after psychiatric hospitalization

Kwan Ka Lik Kwan Ka Lik

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 18.93 kB
Downloads: 3145
Insight, Symptomatology, Deficit Syndrome and Quality of Life in Chronic Schizophrenia: A Cross-sectional Study of Hong Kong Chinese Patients (2006)

KWAN Man Man KWAN Man Man

Date added: 08/18/2017
Date modified: 09/20/2017
Filesize: 90.77 kB
Downloads: 884

A Clinical Audit of ECG monitoring Inpatient on Antipsychotic in Kowloon Hospital Psychiatric Unit

KWOK Ching Ying Jenny KWOK Ching Ying Jenny

Date added: 09/20/2017
Date modified: 09/20/2017
Filesize: 100.88 kB
Downloads: 739

Prevalence of comorbid Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Chinese Hong Kong children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) A Pilot Cross-sectional Study in a Regional Tertiary Referral Out-patient Clinic

KWOK Choi Hon KWOK Choi Hon

Date added: 06/30/2010
Date modified: 06/30/2010
Filesize: 23.08 kB
Downloads: 3036
Factors Predict Re-hospitalization in Patients with Chronic Schizophrenia Discharged to Community: a 24-months retrospective study

KWONG Shi Leung Joannes KWONG Shi Leung Joannes

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 71.07 kB
Downloads: 2857
An Examination of Parent-youth Aggreement on Psychopathology by a Structured Interview (Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children Version IV, DISC-IV) in a Clinic Sample (2002)

LAI Chun Lun, Eric LAI Chun Lun, Eric

Date added: 08/09/2016
Date modified: 01/12/2017
Filesize: 100.82 kB
Downloads: 1241

Meta-analysis of neuropsychological measures of executive functioning in children and adolescents with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder

LAI Tai Sum Tony LAI Tai Sum Tony

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 23.58 kB
Downloads: 2940
Efficacy and Suicide Risk of Newer Antidepressants Use in Children and Adolescents with Major Depressive Disorder: A Systematic Review of Published Randomised Placebo-controlled Trials (2006)

LAI Wing Him LAI Wing Him

Date added: 05/17/2016
Date modified: 05/17/2016
Filesize: 51.06 kB
Downloads: 1232

A cross sectional study reviewing the prevalence of tardive dyskinesia and effect of antipsychotic exposure and other clinical correlates on tardive dyskinesia among Chinese schizophrenic patients in a regional psychiatric treatment centre of Hong Kong

LAM Chi Leung LAM Chi Leung

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 70.99 kB
Downloads: 3282
Validation of the Chinese Challenging Behaviour Scale: Clinical Correlates of Challenging Behaviours in the Care-and-attention Home Residents with Dementia (2005)

LAM Hiu Ha. LAM Hiu Ha.

Date added: 09/22/2017
Date modified: 09/22/2017
Filesize: 428.96 kB
Downloads: 664

A Randomized Controlled Trial on Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on Cognitive Function of Schizophrenia Patients

LAM King Seng LAM King Seng

Date added: 05/04/2015
Date modified: 02/29/2016
Filesize: 101.19 kB
Downloads: 1754

Psychiatric Morbidity of Spinocerebellar Ataxia in Hong Kong

LAM Mei Ling May LAM Mei Ling May

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 56.61 kB
Downloads: 3257
Transition to Psychosis: A Naturalistric Prospective Study (2003)

LAM Pik Ho Jenny LAM Pik Ho Jenny

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 17.66 kB
Downloads: 2920
Postnatal Depression Two-Year Outcome Study (2001)

LAM Pui Yan Jessica LAM Pui Yan Jessica

Date added: 08/29/2016
Date modified: 08/29/2016
Filesize: 280.02 kB
Downloads: 1155

The effect of cognitive and clinical insight on medication adherence in schizophrenia patients

LAM Wai Chung LAM Wai Chung

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 53.74 kB
Downloads: 3003
Enhancing Treatment Adherence for Adolescent Suicidal Attempters: A Controlled Intervention Study (2001)

LAM Wai Keung LAM Wai Keung

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 86.69 kB
Downloads: 3155
Retrospective Outcome Study of Post-stroke Depression in Hong Kong Chinese (2002)

LAM Wai Sum Joanna LAM Wai Sum Joanna

Date added: 01/14/2013
Date modified: 03/08/2013
Filesize: 24.04 kB
Downloads: 2655

The Role of Prospective Memory in the Ability to Manage Medications in Patients with Schizophrenia

LAM Ying Lucy LAM Ying Lucy

Date added: 08/11/2015
Date modified: 02/29/2016
Filesize: 123.13 kB
Downloads: 1787

Validation study of the Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia in residents of
residential care home for elderly in Hong Kong

LAU Ka Hin LAU Ka Hin

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 54.83 kB
Downloads: 3055
Psychiatric Morbidity in Patients with Coronary Hearth Disease: A Local Study (2006)

LAU Kai Wai Gary LAU Kai Wai Gary

Date added: 06/06/2014
Date modified: 06/06/2014
Filesize: 96.87 kB
Downloads: 2243

Psychiatric Morbidities in Community-dwelling Young Ketamine Abusers in Hong Kong

LAU Kit Ling LAU Kit Ling

Date added: 01/07/2013
Date modified: 01/07/2013
Filesize: 25.57 kB
Downloads: 2667

Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Women after Cervical Cancer Treatment

LAU Lai Shan Lisa LAU Lai Shan Lisa

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 23.6 kB
Downloads: 2925
Binge Eating and General Psychopathology Among Obese Chinese People Seeking Weight Management at a University-affiliated Out-patient Clinic in Hong Kong (2005)

LAU Mei Suen LAU Mei Suen

Date added: 09/10/2013
Date modified: 09/10/2013
Filesize: 30.86 kB
Downloads: 2549

Validation of the Chinese Dementia Apathy Interview and Rating and Study of Clinical Correlates of Apathy in Alzheimer’s Disease

LAU Sing Yan Joyce LAU Sing Yan Joyce

Date added: 10/03/2013
Date modified: 10/03/2013
Filesize: 12.77 kB
Downloads: 2483

Prevalence of Depression and Depressive symptoms in School-age Children with ADHD

LAU Ting Sum LAU Ting Sum

Date added: 10/09/2013
Date modified: 10/09/2013
Filesize: 94.14 kB
Downloads: 2444

A Cohort Study of Imagery, Emotional Reactivity and Cognitive Styles in Bipolar Disorder

LAU Ying Kit David LAU Ying Kit David

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 33.5 kB
Downloads: 3172
The Caregiving Experience of Relatives of Chinese Patients with Severe Psychiatric Illness in Hong Kong (2002)

LAU Yuk Shing LAU Yuk Shing

Date added: 10/29/2018
Date modified: 10/29/2018
Filesize: 105.63 kB
Downloads: 209

Predicting Clinical and Functional Outcomes of First-episode Schizophrenia using Putative Predictors: A Retrospective Cohort Study

LAU Zoe Vivian Haiyen LAU Zoe Vivian Haiyen

Date added: 10/29/2018
Date modified: 10/29/2018
Filesize: 14.33 kB
Downloads: 211

Attachment Styles: A meta-analysis of fMRI findings

LAW Chi Wing LAW Chi Wing

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 66.21 kB
Downloads: 2962
Quality of Life in Patients with First-Episode Psychosis: A Study of its Relationship with Insight (2004)

LEE Che Kin LEE Che Kin

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 43.75 kB
Downloads: 2841
The Effectiveness of Naltrexone in Newly Detoxified Opiate Abusers in Hong Kong (2004)

LEE Hing Wah LEE Hing Wah

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 179.62 kB
Downloads: 3319
Risk Factors of Violence in Chinese Schizophrenic Patients in Hong Kong (2000)

LEE Ho Ming Edwin LEE Ho Ming Edwin

Date added: 03/01/2010
Date modified: 03/01/2010
Filesize: 14.59 kB
Downloads: 3470
Prospective Memory in Chinese Patients with Bipolar Affective Disorder

LEE Ka Lin LEE Ka Lin

Date added: 01/26/2016
Date modified: 02/29/2016
Filesize: 108.95 kB
Downloads: 1490

Depression and its Correlates in Spouses of Chinese Elderly with Dementia

LEE Ming Chung Marshall LEE Ming Chung Marshall

Date added: 09/30/2013
Date modified: 09/30/2013
Filesize: 10.11 kB
Downloads: 2569

Sleep-problems in Hong Kong Chinese children with Attention deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder – a cross-sectional study

LEE Quinson LEE Quinson

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 20.44 kB
Downloads: 2805
A Review on Kleptomania as a Valid Psychiatric Disorder (2006)

LEE Sau Wa Joyce LEE Sau Wa Joyce

Date added: 05/02/2017
Date modified: 05/02/2017
Filesize: 113.05 kB
Downloads: 839

A prospective follow-up study of community-dwelling older adults in Hong
Kong on their anxiety symptoms and cognitive function

LEE Tak Shing Dominic LEE Tak Shing Dominic

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 80.84 kB
Downloads: 3073
Postnatal Depression in Hong Kong Chinese (1998)

LEE Tin Ho LEE Tin Ho

Date added: 05/26/2010
Date modified: 05/26/2010
Filesize: 34.24 kB
Downloads: 3338
Validation and Clinical utility of the Chinese version of the Perceived Family Burden Scale in Hong Kong

LEE Ting Chun Allen LEE Ting Chun Allen

Date added: 09/02/2013
Date modified: 09/02/2013
Filesize: 30.4 kB
Downloads: 2615

Association between hypertension and significant cognitive impairment in community-dwelling Chinese elderly in Hong Kong

LEE Yiu Ki LEE Yiu Ki

Date added: 01/21/2008
Date modified: 04/21/2008
Filesize: 11.27 kB
Downloads: 2741
The Ability to Recognize Facial Emotion in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Hong Kong (2005)

LEUNG Chi Wah Jimmy LEUNG Chi Wah Jimmy

Date added: 12/02/2011
Date modified: 01/26/2012
Filesize: 28.44 kB
Downloads: 2734
Psychiatric Morbidity in Chinese Women with Breast Cancer at the Early Post-operative Stage

LEUNG Lam Ming Jess LEUNG Lam Ming Jess

Date added: 04/07/2009
Date modified: 04/07/2009
Filesize: 27.1 kB
Downloads: 3225
Detection of Delirium: Clinical Utility and Validation of the Confusion Assessment Method Algorithm and the Chinese Version of Nursing Delirium Screening Scale in Geriatric In-patients
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