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The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists expresses deep concern over the emotional disturbances experienced by some people in reaction to the series of social turmoil in the community. In connection with this, a press release together with Tips on Maintaining Mental Wellbeing has been published by the College dated 6 July 2019. The mental health tips offer mental health information in relation to acute stress reaction, depression, suicidal behaviour and post-traumatic stress disorder. The College would like to remind the public to watch out for any emotional reactions, thoughts or bodily symptoms that may signify mental health concerns.

The College is going to launch a volunteering programme named 「Care4ALL香港精神 - 同舟共行計劃」. It aims to provide preliminary assessment and consultation for people with mental health problems who have been adversely affected by recent social unrest in the community at a concessional rate. 

Eligibility for the Programme as Participants would be:

  1. Suspected mental health problems, directly related to the recent social unrest and in need of psychiatric assessment and care
  2. Currently not under police investigations or criminal proceedings for any offences
  3. Agree to receive psychiatric consultations
  4. Up to $800 per session for a maximum of 4 sessions (excluding other services such as medical report / medications / other interventions)
  5. Not been seen by a psychiatrist (private / public) in the past 2 years

Participants of the programme have the option and discretion to purchase the prescribed medications either from the private clinic of participating psychiatrists or from other community dispensaries. Participants can be referred to the Hospital Authority or other settings for further treatments if judged to be clinically appropriate.

The programme is planned to be of 6 month duration commencing from 6 August 2019 to 6 February 2020. The locations of consultations would be:

  • NGO sites offered by Caritas, or
  • The clinic of private psychiatrist participating in the programme

Fellows and Members of the College wish all people in our community to join hands together based on the inspiration of the “Lion Rock Spirit”, to work hard in unity and support each other in this challenging period. The College strives for better mental health for all Hong Kong people.

Care4ALL香港精神 - 同舟共行計劃

Programme General Enquiry Hotline: 6020 2493


Care4ALL 同舟共行計劃

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