Last updated on 2020.03.12 Training Logbook 2020
updated on 2019.12.23 Training Handbook 2019
updated on 2019.09.12 CAC case scenarios
updated on 2018.07.13 Training Handbook 2018
updated on 2017.04.11: Casebook Guideline
updated on 2016.05.27: Core competencies - Consultation Liaison
updated on 2016.03.29: changed new logo for 1) 2016 Trainee Casebook Guidelines; 2) CAC Handbook 2016; 3) Junior CAC Case Scenarios of Clinical Module 2016
updated on 2016.03.07: changed new logo for 1) Inceptorship/Membership Reg Form; 2) Training Handbook 2016; 3) Local Training Unit CME Application Form; 4) Individual CME Application Form; 5) CME Exemption Form for Fellows; 6) Overseas CME Attendance Record Form
updated on 2016.01.15:  1) New Version of Training Handbook; 2) New Version of Psychotherapy Training Requirements
updated on 2015.01.23: Inceptorship/Membership Application Form
updated on 2014.08.05: Training Logbook 2014
updated on 2014.07.10: Junior CAC Case Scenario of Clinical Module - 2014.7.4
updated on 2014.07.03: CAC Handbook 2014
updated on 2013.11.25: Core competencies - Forensic Psychiatry
updated on 2013.02.22: Training Handbook 2013 with effect from 2013.3.1


Trainee Registration

icon Inceptorship/Membership Registration Form

icon Inceptorship/Membership Registration Form



icon Trainee Casebook Guidelines

icon Assessment Form for Trainee Casebook


Training Handbook

icon Training Handbook 2019


Central Academic Course (CAC)

icon CAC Handbook 2016

icon Junior CAC Case Scenarios of Clinical Module 2019 (2)


Core Competencies

Core competencies - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Core competencies - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

icon Core competencies - Consultation Liaison

icon Core competencies - Forensic Psychiatry

Core competencies - General Adult Psychiatry Core competencies - General Adult Psychiatry

Core competencies - Old Age Psychiatry Core competencies - Old Age Psychiatry

Core competencies - Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability Core competencies - Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability

Core competencies - Psychotherapy Core competencies - Psychotherapy

Core competencies - Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Core competencies - Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry

Core competencies - Substance Misuse & Addiction Psychiatry Core competencies - Substance Misuse & Addiction Psychiatry 


Psychotherapy Training Requirements

icon Psychotherapy Training Requirement - Second Edition

Evaluation form for the psychotherapy case report for Hong Kong Psychiatric Training Scheme Evaluation form

sample CBT case report sample CBT case report 


Training Logbook

icon Training Logbook - 2020

icon Appendix 1 - Log Sheet for CAC Attendance Jr

icon Appendix 2 - Log Sheet for CAC Protected Time Sr

icon Appendix 3a - Approval Form for Absence from CAC (C)

icon Appendix 3b - Approval Form for Absence from CAC (L)

icon Appendix 4 - Quality Assurance Clinical Audit Programme

icon Appendix 5 - Breakaway Technique Training

icon Appendix 6 - Log Sheet for Psychotherapy Case-based Discussion Group

icon Appendix 7 - ECT Training Log Sheet



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