The College Public Awareness Committee (PAC) has been collaborating with the public media in mental health promotion and education. Our fellows submit articles for their columns. These media include “Singtao Daily", "Health Action Magazine” and “Sing Pao” etc. PAC collected these articles, formed an editorial group to edit them and published a College book titled 啟動心康 - 精神健康求助攻略.

The strategic objectives of the Book are:

1. To promote public awareness of mental health in general public

2. To promote mental health literacy for public empowerment

3. To destigmatize and reduce myths of mental illnesses to increase     community acceptance

4. To foster an image of knowledgeable College professionals who offer expert opinion from evidence based, non-judgmental and responsible manner.

5. To increase public awareness of “Help Seeking Pathways” of mental illness

6. To provide a platform for participation of service users and carers:

 i.   Let public know strengths of service users (build positive image)

 ii.  Let public hear voices of service users and carers

 iii. Cultivate success experiences and self-efficacy of service users

A meaningful picture was taken by a service user on the front cover named “Victory Star” involving fingers of psychiatrists and service users connected to each other forming a star. The photo at the back cover “Walking Together” was taken by Dr. Ivan Mak making a collaboration between a service user and a psychiatrist. The book content was divided into 8 sections which are child and adolescent, adult, elderly, peri-natal & post-natal, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, patients sharing and help seeking pathway. Cover & Content Cover & Content

Notably, the Book not only included articles from our Fellows, but more importantly sharing and artworks by the mental health service users. The end of the book was highlighted by a section on the updated “Help Seeking Pathway”. Therefore, the book would be particularly useful for public mental health education. It also helps our potential clients to seek help properly. 

香港精神科醫學院於1993 年成立以來,一向關注公眾精神健康的推廣,更在2011 年開始與各大報章及雜誌合作,推出由香港精神科學院的醫生撰寫的專欄,做精神健康教育工作,合作單位包括《成報》、《信報》、《星島日報》、《健康動力》雜誌、《黃巴士Light》及「Yahoo!專欄」。經過一年多的努力,我們已收集了一百多篇文章,當中論及不同年紀常見的精神問題,經過數月的整理,終將它們結集成書名為啟動心康 - 精神健康求助攻略















書展 2012  






































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