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Listening to Affect(ive disorders) – the Sound Worlds of Schumann and Schubert

A chamber music concert featuring works of Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert whose personal experiences in life- pain, excitement, anguish, confusion, despondency, resignation – were closely intertwined with what we now understand as affective disorders.

The performance is hoped to take the audience on an empathic musical journey of these composers’ biographies, and in so doing, bring into our awareness the subjectivity of individuals suffering from affective disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.

Time – 8pm 21 June 2017
Venue – HK City Hall Theatre

Ticketing details – to be announced.

Performers include established medical practitioners, teachers, researchers and students whose medical career did not abate, but found inspiration in the lived experience of musical performance.

All proceeds will be donated to the Public Awareness Committee of the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists for mental health promotion purposes.

傾聽。情緒。病 Listening to Affect(ive disorders)


Robert Schumann ...
Mein Schöner Stern
Piano Trio No. 1 D Minor, Op. 63.
Franz Schubert
String Quintet in C, D956

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弗洛依德(Sigmund Freud)在與偉大作曲家馬勒(Gustav Mahler)歷史性的會面(診症)之後曾道,如果他醫好了馬勒的情緒病,我們便沒有那麼偉大的音樂。

患情緒病之各種 - 酸甜苦辣,驚途駭浪,患得患失,在絕望和曙光之間陪迴 - 箇中種種,非言語可形容,更難為他人所明瞭。情緒病患者的人生和人性,卻不甘受病患殆末!多方面歷史文獻顯示,羅拔 . 舒曼(Robert Schumann) 和法蘭茲. 舒伯特 (Franz Schubert) 都曾患有嚴重和長期的情緒病患,前者更曾入住當時未有有效療法的精神病院。走過一生的悲苦喜樂交雜 - 這兩位偉大的音樂家將其難宣之於口的,都寫進音樂裡面。

但是我們卻應為 - 如果我是舒曼和舒伯特的家人,我寧可要他們健康快樂 - 況且,若不是情緒病和其他併發症當時未有有效治療,舒曼可能會免於臨終前兩年因神智困亂以致難以寫作,亦不會在精神病患驅使下絕食身亡。

透過聆聽,感受他們偉大的作品,我們得以深切感受他們的情緒經歷,亦從而想像 - 在我們身旁的,我們自己的,我們覺得難以明瞭的情緒病患 - (根據2010年香港精神健康普查,15%香港人或患有不同程度的情緒病患)- 那種在音樂會和唱片觸動我們心靈的音樂,可能就是情緒病患者的心聲。




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