Press release on 11.02.2017

Press release from the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists on 11/2/2017


The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists expresses deep sympathy towards all people who were injured in the incident on an MTR train last evening, and wish them a speedy recovery. 


As this incident has caught the attention of many in the society, the College wishes to share the following information on mental health: 


  1. The Hong Kong Morbidity Survey (HKMMS) estimated that Serious mental illnesses (SMI) affect at least 2.5 percent cent of the Hong Kong population (i.e. nearly 200,000 individuals). Treatment is usually effective, however relapses may occur (data from Hong Kong and elsewhere suggest that nearly 80% of patients will experience relapse over time). 
  2. Relapses can be substantially reduced by maintenance treatment with medication. A study in Hong Kong showed that maintenance treatment can reduce relapse rate by as much as 50%Chen et al 2010, BMJ).  
  3. Most relapses can be detected early and treated effectively before it becomes severe. Only around 10 percent requires hospital admission if carefully monitored (as observed in the 2010 study above). 
  4. Good community care (such as by case managers) is essential to facilitating early detection and management of relapse.
  5. Family caregivers of patients play key roles in helping patients with serious mental illnesses, and should be adequately informed and supported (such as in the iPEP program supported by the Health Care Promotion Fund, link:
  6. In a study on Arson (Anwar 2009, Schizophrenia Bulletin) in Sweden, less than 10% of Arson were committed under the influence of SMI. Even though patients with SMI had higher risks for Arson, in terms of absolute numbers, only very few SMI patients are involved in
  7. Currently people with SMI in Hong Kong experience a high level of stigma. 70% of Hong Kong people admitted that they would disregard opinion of persons with SMI, 70% expressed they would not date someone with SMI, and over 85% admit they will consider other applicants first in job recruitments (Phone survey of over 1000 individual in Hong Kong, Chan et al, 2016, Int J of Social Psychiatry). 
  8. Such negative attitudes towards mental illnesses will make it more difficult for patients to seek help. Reducing stigma in severe mental illnesses will facilitate early detection of relapse and prompt treatment. It should be a concern not only for mental health professionals, but for every Hong Kong citizen.


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  1. 根據在20102013的香港精神健康調查估計,較嚴重的精神疾病至少佔香港人口的2.5%(即近20萬人)。治療能有效改善病情,但如其他長期病患,病情或有復發可能(近80%的患者會有復發可能。)
  2. 透過持續的藥物治療,復發機會可大為減低。在本港的一項研究中,維持治療可將復發率降低一半。(Chen et al 2010BMJ)。
  3. 大部分的復發徵狀,可於早期監察發覺。上述2010年研究中所觀察的結論,只有約10%的復發病人需要入院接受治療。
  4. 良好的社區支援(如病人個案經理跟進)對促進復發個案的早期檢測和管理至為重要。
  5. 患者的家人亦需要獲得充分的信息和支援(例如愛思覺計劃,連接鏈,以能作出適切的關懷。
  6. 瑞典一項關於縱火(Anwar 2009, Schizophrenia Bulletin)的研究中,少於10%的縱火個案是由患有嚴重精神疾病的患者引發。在數字方面,只有極少數患有嚴重精神疾病的患者參與縱火事件。
  7. 嚴重精神疾病的患者被歧視的情況非常普遍。70%的香港人承認他們不會理會患有嚴重精神疾病人士所表達的意見,70%的人表示他們不會聘請患有嚴重精神疾病的人士,接近 90%的人承認他們會在招聘時首先考慮其他申請人(電話調查超過1000香港居民,Chan et al, 2016, Int J of Social Psychiatry)。




傳媒查詢:9866 0470 / 9203 8494

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