In response to the recent incidents of suspected sexual assaults reported in psychiatric wards of public hospitals, the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists has expressed the following views:

The treatment of patients with mental health problems requires long-term and comprehensive care. The mental state of in-patients varies due to differences in individual needs which require individualised care and management.

The College opines that the government should consider conducting an in-depth review of the needs of psychiatric in-patient services and make appropriate arrangements for special groups across clusters on a territory-wide basis, such as for children and adolescents, the elderly, persons with learning disabilities, persons with severe mental disorders with complex needs, and persons with mental illness and violent risks. The overall aim is to ensure that all patients will receive individualised treatments in a safe and therapeutic environment.

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Modern psychiatry in Hong Kong began in 1948, when a British-trained psychiatrist Dr. P M Yap was appointed medical superintendent of the mental hospital in Hong Kong. Prior to this it was the asylum-era dating from the opening of a temporary lunatic asylum in 1875 with merely custodial care for the...


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There are 4 categories of members: Fellow, Member, Inceptor and Affiliate. In Jan 2016, there are 357 Fellows, 70 Members, 56 Inceptors and 6 Affiliates. The annual subscription fee is HK$2500 for Fellow, HK$1500 for Member and Inceptor and HK$1000 for Affiliate. Those interested to join could contact the Honorary ...


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East Asian Archives of Psychiatry is the official peer-reviewed publication of the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists. It is one of the few English psychiatric journals in Asia. The journal publishes psychiatric reports not only from Hong Kong, but also from China, most Asian count...


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