Current Council

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Current Council 2017



Title Name
President Prof. Eric Chen
Vice-President (General Affairs) Dr. Roger Ng
Vice-President (Censor/Education) Dr. Phyllis Chan
Honorary Secretary Dr. C W Law
Honorary Treasurer Dr. K S Cheng
Council Members Dr. Sherry Chan
Dr. W F Chan
Dr. Ronald Chen
Dr. C W Cheng
Dr. Arthur Mak
Dr. F K Tsang
Chief Editor of College Journal Dr. W C Chan
Chairman of Board of Examiners Dr. W K Lee
Chairman of Public Awareness Committee Dr. Ivan Mak
Chairman of Scientific Committee Dr. Arthur Mak
Chairman of Sponsorships Committee Dr. K H Ku
Chairman of Professional Skills Enhancement Committee Dr. Eric Cheung
Chairman of Finance Committee Dr. K S Cheng
Chairman of Research Committee Dr. Sandra Chan
Ex-officio Prof. Linda Lam
Honorary Legal Advisor

Miss Barbara Hung of

Chaine, Chow and Barbara Hung

Honorary Auditor Mr. Dave Kwok